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The #1 Hydroponics Table

✔  Best-in-class durability using the strongest materials.

✔  Our equipment is designed and built 100% in the UK.

✔  We take pride in our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

✔  Whether you’re a professional grower or just getting started, we have the equipment to help you take your growing to the next level.


Are you looking to expand and maximize your growth potential for your business or indoor garden? Do you have limited space or want to expand upon areas you already use for growing? Do you value quality and flexibility? What is a grow table?

Our table is designed for growers with big aspirations and innovative growing needs. If you are looking for a more portable, superior way to grow your plants, then the Gladiator Grow Table was designed for you!

Quality and Flexibility make Gladiator Reliable Growth Tables


Fully Portable Tables

Removable Robust Poles

Adjustable Trellis Netting

Sturdy Tray Design

Central Drainage System for Run Off


I am thrilled with my purchase of a Gladiator grow table! The design is sleek and modern, which not only adds a touch of style to my setup but also allows for easy plant access. The table is incredibly easy to use and I love that it is made in the UK.
I recently upgraded to the complete set and I am beyond impressed with the results. The table is built to last, with a sturdy and durable design that can withstand even the toughest growing conditions. The equipment provided is top-notch and has transformed my hydroponic setup into a thriving oasis.
The lite table has been a game-changer for my hydroponic setup. The table tray is super ridged, which gives me peace of mind knowing that my plants are in good hands... Prices are also very reasonable.

Your new grow table?

The Gladiator Grow Table features a symmetrical shape, allowing multiple grow tables to be arranged efficiently, using space optimally. Each grow table can accommodate sixteen starter pots or nine 7.5L pots. Whether you are looking for an indoor grow table or outdoor grow table for vegetables or for medicinal plants, this is the product for you. Reach your full growth potential!