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How to Access the Dark Web

If you’re curious about what’s lurking in the shadows of the internet, accessing the dark web isn’t difficult — but it’s not without risks. Think of it like stepping into a town with a few back alleys: It’s straightforward enough to explore, but taking the wrong path could land you in trouble.

The dark web is a hotbed of criminal activity, including drug dealing, black-hat hackers and terrorism. It’s also a place where criminals, including hitmen, human smugglers and corrupt officials can meet. But the dark web isn’t all bad. It also serves as a sort of bridge between people who are downloading proxy script malware deemed political outcasts as well as those who live in the world of free providing a means for those who wish to submit anonymous tips (whistleblowers).

To access the dark internet for access, you’ll require a particular browser, called Tor. It functions a bit like an VPN by encrypting your data and removing geo-location data that your ISP or government might use to track you. Tor increases your privacy as it transmits your request to an international network of volunteer servers.

After installing and configuring Tor, you can begin browsing the dark web. There are still plenty of sites to explore, even while the content isn’t well-indexed as it is on the surface web. For example, you’ll find online shops where you can purchase illegal drugs and firearms and also sites that provide tips on hiding your digital footprint and creating ransomware-related attacks.

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